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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we consider when booking musicians for an outdoor event?

         Above all, we need​ protection from​ the elements, namely rain, wind, and the sun. Our instruments are fragile, antique, and expensive. We can play under a tent, in the shade of trees, or wherever there is protection for ourselves and the instruments.

What do you need on site in order to perform?

We are mostly self-contained, but do require three upright, straight-backed chairs with no arms.

When do you take breaks?

If we are booked for a 2 hour event, we will take a 10 minute break in the middle. We can coordinate this to ​coincide with any speeches, announcements, etc. that will be made. For events 3 hours or longer, we will need a 10 minute break each hour.

How do I choose the music for my wedding ceremony?

        We will be glad to assist you! Please see our Repertoire page for suggestions.

When would you play during the ceremony?

  The Prelude part of the ceremony is when guests arrive and are seated. You may choose your favorite selections, a particular style, a mixture of styles, or leave that entirely up to us. The Processional, when the wedding party makes its entrance, can be slow and stately, or at a moderate walking speed, according to your wishes. You may have 1 piece of music for everyone in the bridal party, or 2 pieces, with separate music for the bride's entrance. The Recessional, or Exit Music, is when people leave, and is generally very up-beat and happy. Notice that some selections could be used for either the Processional or Recessional. We can also play during the ceremony, and would coordinate this with the official.

Do you play special requests?

Whenever possible! However, bear in mind that we are three people, and we only play 3 instruments. When asked if we could play Beethoven's 5th Symphony, the answer is that it would require more instruments in order to sound presentable. The melody from Brahms Symphony No. 1 is totally appropriate. We do need a printed copy of the music, which might not be readily available. Our repertoire list is extensive, so please ask.

How do I book the trio?

We require a $100.00 deposit in order for us to save the date and time for you. We ask that the balance be paid one week before the date of the event. We also play on short notice, subject to availibility.

We look forward to hearing from you with any questions or further information you might require.

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